Dr. Hayder Hadi Al-Musawi

Assistant professor, Dr. Hayder Hadi Al-musawi, is the head of Pediatrics Department at Al-Kindy College of Medicine/ University of Baghdad, Iraq. He is a consultant doctor doing his practice at Hereditary Anemia Center of Ibn Al-Baladi Hospital in Baghdad, and Al-Elwiya Pediatric Teaching Hospital. He was the former director of Hereditary Anemia Center of Ibn Al-Baladi Hospital. He works for the consultant and scientific national committees of hereditary anemia at Iraqi Ministry of Health since 2010 till now. He has more than 27 published papers in high-ranked local and international scientific medical journals.  He is a Scopus-certified scientific reviewer, and has the honor to be a member of many associations worldwide including Pan Arab Hematology Association, British Association for Child Health (BACCH), and British Special Interest Group. He is also a member of the advisory board of an international academic journal named Biomedicine and Chemical Sciences.

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